Godly Atmosphere

We live with integrity and character. We are serious about honoring God’s Word by the way we live our lives.

Grace Atmosphere

We believe the best about people before we believe the worst. We constantly look for biblical ways to forgive. We pledge to model the love of Christ in all that we do.

Gathering Atmosphere

We constantly strive to live life together. We are family. We watch out for each other, care for each other and go above and beyond because we trust and believe in each other.

Growing Atmosphere

We build bigger people with the Word of God. We pour into our teams and volunteers by regularly speaking to their leadership needs.

Generational Atmosphere

We believe that every person has value and every stage of life has purpose. We work hard to honor those before us and to inspire the ones behind us.

Generous Atmosphere

We are constantly focused on others. We are a generous church. We understand the blessing of tithing and giving.

Guiding Atmosphere

We lead by example. We continuously model healthy family values and wisdom to our church and community. We believe in rarely missing church service, putting God first, and always display a spirit of excellence. We are serious about honoring God.